Omar Ortiz

Rev. Omar Ortiz was born on October 3, 1974 in

Chicago, IL.  His mother is Evelyn Amill and father

José M. Ortiz.  Since a little child he started to

get involved in ministry.  His first church was

Genesaret Church, with his pastor Rev. Anselmo

Villegas.  As a child he was always eager to learn

and know more about the things of God and always asked questions during Sunday School.  As a child he was a leader.  He was an active member and President of the Children’s Ministry.  At the age of seven started speaking at children’s events and plays.  His mother decides to move to the city of Milwaukee when he was nine years old, with his step father Frank Martinez.  Since then, he starts congregating in the Pentecostal churches Esmirna, Emmanuel and the Great Commission.  To him these churches with their Pastors were his training camp.  Where he learned to love God and work in different ministries within each church.  At the age of seventeen he decides to leave to the Army and their God continues to work his divine purpose in his life.  Four years after he returns back home and meets in a youth revival service his current wife, Madelyn.    Life took the Pastor through many journeys which helped mold him and teach him to serve. Since little he always was by Pastors and this gave him a deep desire and passion to serve and work in ministry for the Lord.


December 1, 2005, Pastor with his family open Word of Life Christian Church in Franklin, WI.  God has blessed him with three wonderful children (Benjamin, Dezerre and Kimberly).  Today we see and can give witness to his ministry in how the Lord has used him and give him grace to work for the church.  He has and continues to work as:

  • Founder and Senior Pastor of Word of Life Christian Church
  • Founder and Senior Partner in Word of Life Evangelistical Ministry

On the academic level our Pastor owns his own Insurance Agency named American Advantage, Ortiz Insurance & Financial Services, LLC.  He also works as a Realtor with Century 21 Affiliated.  He holds a Bachelor in Business Administration, and a Master’s of Science in Management. Pastor has five state licenses.  Rev. Ortiz served four years of active duty in the US Army as a Finance Administration Specialist.  He also did five years of reserves duty.

His continued love and work for the kingdom of God.  His vision and integrity makes him a living testimony of God’s love. He thrives on working in the Kingdom of God and giving it all for Christ and his church.